THANK YOU! Goal Achieved and…

What started out as an in-kind fundraiser to send Emeka to an arts camp turned into an amazing outpouring of love and encouragement for our family and a heartfelt support of the arts. 

We want to thank everyone for their selfless and kind monetary donations and also for sharing their warm-spirited and uplifting sentiments for Emeka. As everyone has their own personal lives, children, living expenses and the likes, we are ever grateful for your time and generosity. Because of your kindness in being a supportive resource, we are happy to announce that the tuition cost has been met fully! 

In reflecting on this process of having asked for help to support our son’s passion and gift in the arts, we’ve found it purposeful and meaningful to continue the momentum of kindness and pay it forward. In doing so, we are establishing a “Made by Mek” incentive scholarship. (The Made by Mek Art scholarship)

Thanks to your assistance and contributions we will be able to:
Provide a partial scholarship to a WNY student nominated and accepted into the NYSSSA summer program as well as offer incentive scholarships to students in the Buffalo area that are interested in attending extracurricular arts-based programs that may require a fee. 

As parents we have always encouraged our children to express themselves, embrace their creative side and to find their voice through their talents. Everyone has a creative side, it doesn’t always have to be expressed through art, however the arts are a great conduit to success. We have spent too many generations treating it as a hobby and often a waste of time. In efforts to shift that paradigm and mindset, we intend to highlight the arts as tools and guides towards self-awareness, self-love and self-discovery. 

If you would like to continue to support the arts and contribute to the Made by Mek Art Scholarship, you can donate at

Donations are tax-deductible through Cultrue, Inc. a 501(c)3. 

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