Made by Mek Art Box Giveaway

In 2019 Emeka Wajed was provided the opportunity to attend the NYSSSA as an alternate, unfortunately we did not have a lot of time to gather the funds to get him there. Thankfully our community pulled together and we were able to raise more money than was needed. Our goal has been to start a Made by Mek scholarship fund, for young people to be able to attend the NYSSSA or provide funds for students who would like to take some art classes locally.

Well 2020, has changed some of our plans. The NYSSSA 2020 program has been cancelled (We are looking forward to 2021). Emeka will not be attending the program, however during this pandemic time, Emeka, the Wajed Family and our Not-for-profit Cultrue, Inc would like to provide some art boxes for students here in Buffalo!

The Made by Mek Scholarship Fund and Cultrue, Inc. will be giving away 20 art boxes to students in grade 5-8 that are artists and creatives!

Students will be required to fill out an application, complete an essay and submit a work of art for review by May 20, 2020. The winners of the art kits will be announced June 1, 2020

If you would like to contribute to the Made by Mek scholarship, you can send your donations to Cultrue, Inc a 501(c)3 company. Please contact us for additional information at or (716) 200-6032.

Thank you to EVERYONE that has contributed to the Made by Mek Scholarship fund.

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